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Aspen Manufacturing
NWR Discovery Process Leads to $1.7 million Savings

Houston, Texas
Size: 135,000 SF
Project Duration: 14 months

In order to take advantage of expanding business opportunities, Aspen Manufacturing, a maker of air conditioning parts and systems, wanted to move its outdated, 180,000 SF facility to a new larger facility of approximately 200,000 SF. The project was to be completed in a built-to-suit arrangement in which Aspen Manufacturing would own the facility upon completion. The engagement included management of the entire process of design, construction, relocation and occupancy.

Value Statement
Working directly and closely with Aspen, NWR Consulting first examined all aspects of the company’s manufacturing processes, from the receipt of materials to the shipping of the final product. We studied workflow, material handling techniques procedures and employee culture. Once the examination process was complete, we discovered that by reorganizing Aspen’s manufacturing operations, the company could be housed comfortably in a building of no more than 135,000 SF. Even at just two-thirds the original, anticipated space, the new facility would leave room for expansion beyond initial operational requirements.

Because of early analysis of Aspen’s operational requirements, the amount of building to be constructed was dramatically reduced. This saved Aspen approximately $1.7 million in project costs. In addition, the company dramatically improved its manufacturing processes and materials handling procedures. Finally, throughout the project, Aspen was able to remain focused on the day-to-day challenges of their business without sacrificing any resources for the facility project.

Blockbuster Entertainment
Despite 60 days of wet weather, new construction was completed on time and on budget.
McKinney, Texas
Size: 850,000 SF
Project Duration: 16 months

When Blockbuster Entertainment relocated its corporate facilities from Fort Lauderdale to the Dallas area in 1998, the home entertainment giant also reorganized its entire distribution network and shipping procedures by creating a central campus with:
•    a new 850,000 SF facility housed a state-of-the-art 690,000 SF distribution facility,
•    a 120,000 SF office building, and
•    a 40,000 SF data center that serves as the virtual “brain” for the entire organization.

Completed in a Build-to-Suit arrangement with a local developer, NWR Consulting Ltd. represented Blockbuster on the development team during the design, construction and occupancy phases. We also coordinated and managed the consolidation of five separate corporate distribution operations into one facility.

Value Statement
Work began on the project in fall 1998. Parameters were established that that would govern site selection, followed by the selection of the developer. Next, we began intensive efforts to complete programming and design of the facility so that construction could commence by early spring 1999.

In the middle of one of the wettest 60 days in the history of the greater Dallas area, construction commenced on schedule. By facilitating decisions and ensuring the flow of accurate and appropriate information, the facility was completed within the original schedule in spite of the weather conditions and frequent changes throughout construction.

Because of continuous and active involvement throughout the project, it was clear that Blockbuster’s corporate resources were being used appropriately and effectively. The project was completed within the parameters of the original schedule.

The Delta Companies
Value management techniques saved the company $250,000.
Dallas, Texas
Size: 95,349 SF
Project Duration: 10 months

When The Delta Companies, a medical staffing company, outgrew its offices in Las Colinas, Texas, a new lease in a nearby Farmers Branch high-rise building was executed to house a new corporate headquarters facility with professional staffing recruiters, placement specialists and their administrative staff. The facility includes an employee break room and lounge that illustrates Delta’s corporate culture; future phases include a large learning and presentation center.

NWR Consulting Ltd. worked as an extension of the Delta management team to:
•    oversee the project budget and schedule,
•    manage the programming and design of the facility,
•    handle landlord construction,
•    manage the installation of the technology infrastructure,
•    select and coordinate the company’s relocation, and
•    organize and implement the logistics of the relocation prior to the end of 2006.

Value Statement
The project commenced after the execution of the lease in late August 2006, and given the tight scheduling parameters to finish by Dec. 31, we compressed as many activities as possible. Programming and design began in September 2006 and general contractor selection occurred almost simultaneously.

Again, because of timing issues, NWR and Delta determined that only vendors with proven track records on projects of this size would be considered. This proved to be the primary reason the project was completed within the parameters of the aggressive schedule. Effective communication and coordination procedures allowed the project team to perform at peak effectiveness throughout the project, leaving Delta to remain focused on its own business challenges.

The project was completed prior to the holidays, and delivered within the parameters dictated by the Tenant Improvement Allowance and limited user financing. Moreover, approximately $250,000 was saved as a result of the value management techniques used on the project.

STMicroelectronics, Inc.
Consistent attention to project details ensures accuracy and trust.
Multiple Locations:
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – Consolidation    7,200 SF
Aliso Viejo, California – Relocation        10,000 SF
Lexington, Massachusetts – Retrofit        34,366 SF
Wilsonville, Oregon – Relocation            12,723 SF
Austin, Texas – Relocation                3,661 SF
Schaumberg, Illinois – Expansion            7,122 SF
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – Reconfiguration    2,000 SF
San Jose, California – Retrofit            4,500 SF

Project Duration: Varies

STMicroelectronics, Inc. is a multi-national company that manufacturers silicone chips and associated products for the technology and consumer electronics industry. A multi-national company, STMicroelectronics has a variety of facilities in many different markets across the United States and Canada. As a result, the company has an ongoing need for Project Management services to help control and manage the design, construction and occupancy of these facilities. When constructing a new facility, STMicroelectronics also must respond to the particular needs of local users in each market and the parameters that dictate how each of the facilities will be used.

Value Statement
A long-term client since our inception, NWR Consulting Ltd. acts as an extension of STMicroelectronics’ management team. The result is a cohesive group that brings a high degree of predictability and certainty to what had previously been an area of chaos.

Earnest attention given to their projects has allowed STMicroelectronics to know what their projects will cost, the duration of each project and assurance that all facilities comply with legal requirements.

Consistent attention to all project details enables STMicroelectronics to remain focused on the normal challenges of its business.

Wachovia Securities
Despite a significant change in deadline for completion, the project was finished on time and with success.

Houston, Texas
Size: 18,000 SF
Project Duration: 3 ½ months

Located in approximately 22,000 SF in a high-rise office building in downtown Houston, the Wachovia Securities’ office accommodated financial professionals and administrative staff in a fairly typical office environment. However, several factors – including an expiring lease and a “renter’s market” – convinced the company to relocate to a smaller leasehold on another floor of the same building.

During the initial engagement, NWR Consulting Ltd. managed the design, construction and relocation process, reducing time burdens on Wachovia’s staff. However, soon after beginning the project in January 2004, we were informed that the deadline for completion was moved up to mid-March – two and one-half months sooner than anticipated.

Value Statement
When work began in January 2004, an expert team was quickly organized, all assignments were communicated and a very aggressive schedule was implemented that maximized activity compression techniques. Over the course of the next several months:
•    the design of the facility was completed,
•    construction drawings were prepared and submitted for the building permit,
•    construction was completed,
•    the cable plant and security systems were installed, and
•    furniture and personal effects were relocated.

Constant project management attention to the project enabled Wachovia to remain focused on the normal challenges of its business. Moreover, the project was delivered on schedule.